Paperless Charts:

Our charts and xrays are securely stored into our systems electronically. This saves us from using printer cartridges, also known as toner, that is classified as hazardous waste.

Organic Cleaning Supplies:

Our office is regularly professionally cleaned. We use organic and all natural cleaning products by EcoLab in both our patient waiting areas and our back office operatories.

Digital Xrays VS Traditional Xrays:

Digital xrays requires no disposal of harmful waste and chemicals. It has a radiation level of 80 to 90 % less than traditional xrays and is environmentally friendly. Traditional xray machines produces up to 80% more radiation and relies on photographic film and requires disposal of harmful waste and chemicals. Traditional xrays also contains lead foils that are held in the topsoil where it can remain as long as 2000 years and is picked up by plants and enters our food system.

Digital XRays:

Digital xrays offers up to 80% less radiation than traditional xrays. By using state of the art equipment, such as digital xrays, we are able to give patients an up close and detail image electronically with immediate image preview and availability. .

By being eco-friendly, we are also saving our environment from hazardous waste and chemicals that traditional xrays uses and produces. Digital xrays requires no disposal of harmful waste or chemicals, as to , traditional xrays has lead foils that are held in the topsoil where it can remain as long as 2000 years and are picked up by plants and enters our food systems.

Rotary Endodontics:

With Rotary Endodontics, patients will have a smoother experience during their root canal treatments. Rotary endodontic allows (for most people) single visit root canals. This advanced root canal treatment technology smoothly removes infections from the root canal of a tooth faster and more efficiently than traditional hand filing. With this state of the art technology consider multiple visits for a root canal a thing of the past.


An Endovac draws fluid apically by way of evacuation. It eliminates the risk of an irrigation accident during root canals. The #1 failure of root canals is bacteria not being removed entirely. The Endovac cleans significantly more bacteria than a traditional root canal irrigation techniques. Using EndoVac allows us a greater success rate on our root canal procedures.

Laser Caries Detector:

A laser caries detector is a small device developed to aid in the detection of caries. It is over 90% accurate and can detect very small lesions at the earliest stage to preserve the tooth.

Intraoral Camera:

This small handpiece has a built-in light source which serves as a tiny camera and allows the doctor to zoom in on one tooth or do a video tour inside a patients mouth. The doctor will be able to identify problems such as worn fillings, excessive wear, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings and worn/broken fillings. Images captured by the intraoral camera can be emailed to the patient for reference or comparison.

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